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The Arngy Duo: Return of the Kazzo

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Hi,I'm Steven Lubinski,I like Basketball and video games.I’m an illustrator at Books n more.The video games I especially like Forza 4 as my favorite video game.I also like The Simpsons as a tv show.I have a dog,a cat,and a sister.I just started my job and I love it so far.Well that concludes all about me. 

Steven Lubinski

Ario Homayoun

Ario homayoun was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2011. He is currently in third grade at O’hara Elementary School. He loves to play soccer and play board games.He also he works at books n more. He just started, but he is having a blast! His favorite video game is FIFA 19.He loves reading and writing books. Ario homayoun currently lives in Pittsburgh with his sister, mom, and dad. 

Sharan Kaur

I’m Sharan I like to go shopping. I like pizza.I am an illustrator at Books n More. I like to draw picture so that is why I am a illustrator


Izzy Zober 

My name is Izzy Zober. I am a author at Books n more. I love writing books. I live in Pittsburgh,PA. My partner is Sharan Kaur and I love my job.


Lilly Reesman

Lilly joined Books n more 8/20/20 she is a author and illustrator at Books n More Lilly lives in Kittanning, Pa  
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