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Welcome Books n More customers,

On this website, you can buy BNM Bookmarks and BNM Exclusive BNM Books, chat with BNM Employees, contact the owner himself, and so much more!!! If you need anything just tap the Lets Chat! button at the bottom right of the page. 

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Books n More


Kamerin A Jackson

Kamerin is the founder, CEO, and owner at Books n More. He is also the top
writer at BNM. In 2016 when Kamerin was just 6 years old he had an idea, to start making books and selling them. His grandmother, Tina Clark helped Kam come up with the name Books and More. From 2016-2018 Kam only sold books to family members. In 2017 Kam made his own website and then started selling books off of that website. Then in 2018, he got his first non-family order. 

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A exclusive artical,
By: Lisa Walker


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